Other Treatments:

Sports and therapeutic massage
Sports injury rehab

Physiotherapy is a method of treating injuries caused by muscle imbalance and incorrect biomechanics of the body.

A full assessment is taken at your first appointment which includes a detailed discussion of your condition, including previous consultations with doctors or other health professionals. A list or knowledge of current medications and previous injuries is helpful. It always helps to bring x-rays, scans, reports and any relevant medical history where possible. We are happy to request these on your behalf. If you wish us to do this, please advise the receptionist at the time of booking your appointment of the correct name, contact details and approximate date of consultation so as to speed up our request.

It may be necessary to remove items of clothing to assess your movement patterns. With this in mind, please bring to your appointment a t-shirt and shorts where appropriate for your particular injury. At Injury Rehab your first physiotherapy appointment will last 30 minutes and we will attempt to get you started on your course of rehabilitation within this time. Treatment will include different techniques including mobilisation or manipulation of a joint, massage of a tight soft tissue structure (muscle, tendon or ligament), stretching of a muscle, correction of a postural problem or implementation of an exercise programme.

For physiotherapy and massage treatments you will need to be assessed in a state of undress, so we recommend that you wear appropriate underwear for your own comfort.